Classified Ads

Welcome to our classified ads section, where you can find equipment and other kayaking-related stuff for sale directly from the club or club members. Use the email address on the listing to enquire about an item and contact the seller.

Advertising Here:

If you would like to advertise items here, please contact the webmaster via the Contact Us page. Include all relevant details (location, price, description and email address for any enquiries) and attach any pictures which you would like uploaded with the listing (these may be re-sized). Also, please notify the webmaster when the item has been sold so that the listing can be removed.

There were no listings found.


Please note, all transactions and payments are done outside of the club, its website and hence its regulation, therefore, the club cannot accept any responsibility for problems with the selling/buying process. We simply offer this service to members as a helpful tool to get rid of unwanted items.

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