3 Star Assessment

Well done to Ian Gornall, John Allerton, Tom Gornall and Jack Andrews who all passed their BCU 3 Star award on the River Dee at Llangollen last Saturday. They were assessed through the course of the day by Chris Hill, who looked at their river running ability in general, highlighted any areas for improvement and also asked questions to test theory knowledge.

All of us (apart from Chris) arrived at around 9:30 and were on the water for around 10ish. This allowed us some time to practice and make last minute corrections to some of our techniques.

Then it was a quick theory session with Chris whilst he got ready and back onto the water for the assessment. This wasn’t an assessment as such-instead, Chris let us paddle the river as we would normally and looked at out ability as we went along. Then, if there was anything that needed clearing up or improving, he would say and then focus on that for a short while. This made the day feel quite relaxed, but kept us on our toes so that we weren’t so relaxed that our technique started to slip.

Then it was out for lunch and back in afterwards to do the rescue side of the assessment. This involved the various eskimo rescues as well as shunting swimmers and boats, towing and throwline work. After this, most of us decided to get off the water, with a few (Tom, John and Jack) staying on for a play around on the last wave.

Some fun new seal launches were also found, one including sliding around 5 metres down a bank. The other, existing launch (about 6 foot off a rock) was made more interesting by leaning forward, with Jack getting as close as possible to a loop in a Pyranha Burn!

A good, successful day was had by all-it’s onwards and upwards now!

Paddlers: Dave Barnes, Rob Langdon, Brett Chapman, Chris Hill, Ian Gornall, John Allerton, Tom Gornall and Jack Andrews

Check out the video here

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